What are the realistic limitations of Magick? Actual Sorcery vs. Role Playing

  • This answer seems to lie on a sliding scale. Just as there are a number of magicians, there are a number of responses to this. The answer is very individual. The limitations rely on the magician, themselves. What is Magick? My working definition for Magick, at this point, is that magick is the conscious effort to solidify desire or imagination into personal experience.

        A magician is not a God.  A magician is not someone who is always able to transform an unwanted set of circumstances into a desired set of circumstances. A magician is someone who has somewhat of a grasp on how desire is projected into reality, a basic understanding of the mechanics….not that they can always make it happen, but that they apply techniques to influence circumstance and are constantly refining the processes that let them accomplish that more often and on a grander scale.  Some people are better than others at magick–not because there is anything such as natural talent or “more power”.  Internally, a better magician has less psychological limitations that are contrary to the manifestation of the desired outcome.

       For those of us who are basically self-taught, we might have come to books on magick. As beginners, we are excited as we read the basics, looking forward to successfully manifesting each spell into solid reality. We adhere to the principles of magick for years, sometimes manifesting our daily desires, sometimes not. From the outside, we might receive criticism because non-magicians think that we should….or think that we believe that we do….manifest concrete results EVERY time we perform an act of magick.

    Are we unrealistic and over-confident….are we deluded?

       I’ve tried to be an atheist and view the world as a complete materialist. The experiences I have with clairvoyance, clairaudience and having detailed “petitions” manifesting exactly the way I wanted them to give me a clue that magick works….when conditions are right.

    As far as “conditions” go–I don’t believe in the basics of correspondences having to be perfectly accurate in order for a manifestation to occur. I’ve completely cast spells during the “wrong” moon phase, “wrong” day, lacking the “correct” herbs, oils, and ingredients and still had my petition granted.  I’ve performed with and without props.  New Age, Christian mysticism and other “mental magick” types of manifestation-techniques have worked for me without using any sort of physical tools.  There have been times when I simply petitioned or stated my desire, visualized, written or spoken. The state of being that I was in….the certainty or conviction that something was so, was all the fertile soil I needed to plant my desire in.

        Beginning instructions on magick can be so hit-and-miss. Spells might work, sometimes. Techniques might work, sometimes. Some teachers hint that the magick or the spirituality that is sometimes born out of magickal workings, will transform the magician. It is not explicitly stated that the magickal working succeeds because of the personal transformation of the magician–that at a certain level of consciousness, more magickal workings will manifest more often. In some metaphysical teachings, it is believed that the personal world is a projection (or reflection) of the thoughts, feelings, conclusions and beliefs of the individual. This includes all conscious and subconscious aspects, including those that are in the psyche by default–left over from childhood and those concepts that are subconsciously accepted as true….”the way that things are”.

    The question is–why can’t we manifest what we want every time we perform a magickal act? (And before it comes to mind, using the excuses of incorrect astrological phase, lack of corresponding herbs/oils/stones and other external props or conditions are just that–excuses.)  Magicians can manifest with a lack of supplies or without proper/traditional timing that corresponds to the nature of the working.


    When we manifest some event, circumstances or objects just as we had intended, it is equivalent to a beginning baker cooking a batch of cookies–some cookies come out perfectly, part of the batch comes out fine, sometimes all of the cookies are fantastic and other times….everything in the oven is burned.


    Magicians are not absolute god-like manifesters. Magicians are still human and must work with and through their human personalities.  However, magicians are those that know too much about the process of how manifest reality works to abdicate responsibility.  Magicians affect as much as they can in any situation to tilt the scales in their favor. Even when they are not actively attempting to influence any outcome, they are very aware of the subtle, passive, everyday processes that create each moment. To be in the physical world is to be part of the creative process of manifestation. For better or worse, that is just the way it is.

       The practice of magick/manifestation is not anything special, set aside for only a few people. The practice of sorcery, mental magick, manifestation is merely the conscious practice of being aware of how the manifest universe already works and had always worked….it is the deliberate act of consciously choosing which thoughts, which feelings, which convictions and beliefs one would like to focus on. It is the conscious decision of what one would like to accept as a personal truth in their corner of the manifest universe.

       What blocks us from manifesting exactly the scenario and circumstances that we have in mind is when there is an incompatible energy (sometimes in the form of a thought or feeling) that is stronger than the desired outcome. Old perceptions, old negative conclusions, left over from childhood or the past…even old convictions that we never thought to question or filter out can still affect our current efforts.

       So, while we keep to practical matters–not overspending our paycheck while we are working on letting in more physical abundance, being attentive to our loved ones while we are still working on our self esteem, taking care of the car Grandma loaned us while praying for our new truck–we can still work on clearing out those internal obstacles to clean, clear, direct manifestation.

    To start the process, take some clean paper or a work journal and freewrite your responses to such questions as–How good of a magician am I?  How effective is my magick?  Can I manifest anything that I want?  How can I become a better magician?  Am I comfortable watching my desires manifest into solid form?  How can I accept that I am an efficient magician?  Why do I deserve to have my magick work?  What in my past will help me become a better magician?

    For specific manifestation, we will use the example of manifesting a $20 bill–How can I manifest $20?  Am I comfortable experiencing the manifestation of $20?  How will I react to having the $20 in my hand?  How will I change before I hold the $20 in my hand?  How will everyone react to my manifesting $20?  What happens after I have the $20 in my hand?

    Meditate on all positive information, responses and feedback to this written exercise.


One thought on “What are the realistic limitations of Magick? Actual Sorcery vs. Role Playing

  1. Luhnith Mackay

    This is a fantastically written article that (in my opinion) should be able to explain magick to both believers and non-believers. Some practitioners need the multiple levels of correspondences while others plant their desires in the soil they find. Bravo and thank you!


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