Why do we keep practicing magick, when it doesn’t always work?

I’ve met a couple of people in the Pagan community who claim that their spells always work….every time. I haven’t asked them for any details about the frequency of their casting spells or performing rituals–but, I think an important thing to do would be to define what we mean by “magick” and “spells”.


My working definition for Magick was that Magick is the

conscious effort to change current circumstances into desired circumstances through imposing will and intention.  According to my understanding of magick, everyone performs manifestation. Some believe that the nature of this reality is such that the physical world is a reflection of the conscious thoughts and feelings, and the subconscious images that we carry from our past. In this sense, performing acts of magick is equivalent to moving around the thoughts, feelings and energies that we carry in our psyche.

The confusion that the outside world has is the same confusion that we have within the magickal community–although, as magicians, we have it to different degrees and to different degrees on the different levels of our individual psyches.

A magician is not a god. You are either human or omnipotent. Theoretically, a god is a self-realized being in full control of their omnipotence and experiences manifestation of their will in a direct, clear manner. A god decides what they want their world to be.  As humans, a magician is someone who is aware of the processes of magick and uses techniques to consciously influence personal circumstance, physical or otherwise. They consciously attempt to change their environment and experience.  At some point in the beginning of one’s studies of magick and metaphysics, the apprentice might entertain….even if only on a subconscious level….the idea that one’s eventual mastery of magick will lead to omnipotent powers while one is still a human.


As Spirit, we (at once) are part of and the wholeness of the Universe, of Deity. However, to have a human experience, we temporarily take on limiting thoughts, beliefs and self-identification that we are not omnipotent beings in this world. We temporarily take on the idea that we cannot have everything that we want the way that we want it, that we cannot heal everything, that we cannot fix everything. It is the defining part of the human experience to be limited. As Spirit, we intuitively recognize that we are unlimited beings….our true nature is Completeness, Joy, Love.

When we focus on the idea that we are omnipotent or that we are supposed to be omnipotent….BUT, we do not take care of first freeing ourselves from the humanness that keeps us from being omnipotent, we hit obstacles that keep us from manifesting everything…or at least, some things in particular areas….the way that we intuitively know that we should be able to.

Acts of magick might differ in technique from prayer, but the mechanics behind both practices are the same. Belief that the magickal act will bring about a very concrete change of circumstance is one factor. The acceptance of this belief as true depends on other mental factors–conscious and subtle. Direct self-questioning and evaluation on where one is at in relation to the desired manifestation will start to take care of any obstacles that prevent the full, physical manifestation.  How much can we relate to having or experiencing what we want?


One school of spirituality holds that our primary mission is to realize our godhood, while we are still on earth. Re-identifying with our spiritual nature will reveal our true qualities and heal our human hood.  As magicians, we sometimes confuse the conscious mastery of magick and manifestation with spiritual awakening.  Through magick, we can inspire moments that bring us to  spiritual understanding.  Spiritual understanding will make a more efficient magician.
When we do not identify with our spiritual nature, we have built-in blocks to direct manifestation. We cannot manifest everything that we try to, every time that we try to.
Some of us have the idea/thoughtform that God…or whoever or whatever is supposed to answer our prayers…does not listen to us. Either God is so far away that he can’t hear, there are too many other or more important petitions, or that we are not that special or important enough to have our particular prayers answered.
Instead of going through the motions, casting spells that have no effects, saying prayers that never get answered and performing rituals that do not change anything in the world….what can we do to ensure that our petitions are answered?  On our way to god-realization, how can we make more of our magick work, more often….until all of it works, all of the time?
What are the qualities of a master magician or master manifestor?
A master magician knows that their magick works every time they cast it. In meditation or journal work, ask yourself if you really believe that your magick manifests every time? Ask yourself if you absolutely believe that it does. In meditation and trance work, imagine what you would be like if your magick worked every time…what if your will was manifest in the world? How would you carry yourself? How would you sit, stand, walk, move if your magick absolutely worked every time you had an intention? What would your body feel like from the inside, what would your emotional body feel like if you always manifested your will?
A huge obstacle that most of us have is our relationship to imaginary negativity in manifesting. Our fears can be explicit and direct, but can also be thinly veiled as being humble or even positive. Unnecessary self-sacrifice and self-directed negativity is still considered negativity in a Multiple-Universe Reality.  This is the idea that all possible realities exist in parallel dimensions…alternative universes. Under this theory of reality, spirit plays out every possible scenario, seemingly negative and seemingly positive, simply because they are possible manifestations that “came to mind”. Any observing consciousness (each of us, as individual spirits having human experiences) is experiencing this as personally real because they identify with that particular scenario as being “real” for us. We are spirit. We are bigger, infinite beings. We are way beyond our feelings, our thoughts and any temporary human condition.  We are only having human experiences.
Some humans identify as limited beings….and that’s fine.  I am addressing those of us who are on the awakening path.  We are in contact with that part of ourselves that realize that we are something more than human.  We are spirit, becoming aware of ourselves beyond the human.  This is not so much a matter to discuss, argue or convince others of. This is a personal and internal viewpoint to adopt, while observing and experiencing material reality. Keeping this framework in mind, the concept to meditate on is asking yourself if you can relate to a world where every possible situation has all winners. In any particular scenario, which possible positions can everyone have in which everyone wins, everyone is happy and has all of their needs and wants satisfied? For someone to win does not mean that everyone else must lose. This is an internal, mental exercise. In metaphysics, the physical follows the mental, emotional and energetic. Practice positive imagination, until the emotional conviction and physical manifestation of such possibilities eventually does happen.
From there, we come to the concepts of Deserving and Self Esteem. How much can you relate to getting what you want, getting what you ask for, keeping it in your personal reality and ENJOYING it? When you fantasize about getting your way or getting what you want, are you only envisioning positive outcomes in all directions? Are you emotionally satisfied and expanding with getting what you want?  Can you envision everyone being happy with your situation and your happiness?
Magick might seem to be about manipulating the outside world or other people. Whether we do those things or not, or use those methods to accidentally achieve the real goals of magick….the real purpose is to realize the beauty of the self, how much the Universe loves and is completely manifest as the individual spiritual self. Magick is the unveiling of the Love of the Universe for the individual self….and how the self can be completely satisfied without sacrificing the happiness of others or compromising the creative imagination of the self.  Paradise is realizing that The Universe has enough substance and wisdom to provide every good thing for every one of its individual manifestations.