Love Magick: Chaos, Truth and Other Stuff

  • Love magick is probably one of the messiest areas of magick that we have. There are so many warnings and guidelines for performing love magick. There are so many disappointments that come from spells that didn’t manifest correctly, as directed or exactly how we petitioned. In a nutshell, the magick is only reflecting the personal relationships that we have with the energies of Love, Sex, Deserving and Receiving that we all carry with us in the world. The biggest misconception is that Love Magick is manifesting a particular person who will behave in particular ways.  Love Magick is activating personal experience of particular sensations and interior experiences. Love Magick is never the problem. We already had all of the problems that we associated with Love and Sex before we started consciously focusing and asking for any manifestation, in any form of structured petition.

    The principle theory in magick is that we physically experience the events that match up with the expectations, beliefs and energies that we carry within ourselves in the forms of thoughts and feelings.

    If we experienced the emotions and concepts associated with a loving relationship, we would already have a loving relationship manifest in the physical world around us. It is one thing to want or desire such a relationship. The magickal idea is to experience everything associated with it on a mental and emotional level….completely internal….REGARDLESS (and before) of what is happening in the material world.

    Despite all excuses, reasons and justifications–this is how magick works. Magickal workings are just a conscious application of the principles that describe how personal reality already works. Even if someone never studied magick, under the metaphysical principles, they are still manifesting their world….albeit non-consciously.

    Rather than just shooting for manifesting a physical relationship–set up a Love Altar to experience the different energies that come in a love relationship. Focus on essence before form.  Consider this the preliminary work before the manifestation of a physical form or situation.

    Create an altar working with the imagery and symbols of Venus, the Heart Chakra or anything else that you associate with Love energies. Steer away from images of people. You are focusing on the energies to begin with. Any stones, symbols, tools are completely acceptable as long as they bring a personal association with the energies of Love, in some form.

    To begin, make a list of all of the general concepts that are associated with being in a loving relationship. This is personal. There are no right or wrong answers.

    Perhaps, keep in mind that when we fantasize about our ideal relationships, we often use them as a catch-all for all of the other relationships that are possible to experience in Life….we look for experience of Divine Love, Sexual Satisfaction, Acceptance, Validation, Comfort, Peace, Fulfillment….even if something doesn’t seem logical to you, put it down–work with it, anyway.

    Once you have your list, perhaps make some flashcards or notecards, with each concept on its own. This will make it easier for meditation and focus. Taking for example, Divine Love–place the notecard in a prominent place. Somewhere that you will be able to bring your attention back to the term, in case you lose your concentration. If you would like, add any objects to your altar that can represent Divine Love for your meditation. The practical work is that you are going to play with the intensity to which and the length of time that you can feel Divine Love–not only during formal meditation time, but also throughout the normal day.

    The attitude during meditation/energy work is not to feel like you are clocking in practice hours. The idea is to see how fully you can experience these energies with all of your senses, to the limitations of your senses….and beyond…over time. Coming back to our example, cast circle or prepare the space in any way which feels appropriate.

    Allow yourself to center and breathe deeply. Become aware that Divine Love is omnipresent. Your experience of this energy is dependent on your mental acceptance of any sensory experience that corresponds to this concept. Which correspondences confirm the conviction you feel Divine Love? What does your body feel like when you are Divinely Loved? Which sensations are in your physical form? Which feeling-sensations are in each one of your chakras?–go through each one. What does each chakra feel like when you are Divinely Loved? Go through all of the energy bodies, depending on the system that makes sense to you–Emotional, Mental or more. Feel whichever sensations correspond to you knowing that you are Divinely Loved. What is your mental dialog when you know that you are Divinely Loved? What passes through your head? Which interactions do you have in the world? Which conversations and interactions do you have with others, when you know that you are Divinely Loved? How do you carry yourself? How do you project yourself in the world?

    Go through each of the other qualities on your list. Take note of which changes, internal and worldly, that take place as you continue this exercise.



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