Shielding Against One Specific Person


Sometimes, we have particular people that bring more negativity than others into our lives. In addition to our regular psychic shields, we can make another layer that is specifically functioning to protect us from that particular person.

Prepare your work area in whichever way seems appropriate. Cleanse, cast circle, invoke guardians.

When you are centered and calm, call up the image of the oppositional personality so that they appear outside the safety of your circle. Be aware of their reaction as you invoke different energies to the periphery of your circle.

 In turn, pull in  the elemental energies–earth, air, fire and water. Then, run through the rainbow of colored prana–red, orange, yellow….follow this by pulling planetary energy into the periphery of your circle. Take note of which energies the image of your adversary seems to react to.

Once you have a good list of the various energies that the other person shies away from, call those specific energies into your personal space. Allow these specific energies to swirl around you and solidify into a shield, specifically made to keep that other person away from you. Be very aware that this particular formula will automatically solidify in place around you, whenever you are around that other person or their energies.




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