Your Feelings and The Holidays

Just a quick note for anyone who is even a little metaphysically-oriented:


Don’t be saving up your happiness until the calendar rolls around to another holiday or holiday season.  You are connected to Spirit at all times–therefore, you are connected to unlimited Joy and Bliss, at all times.  Waiting until there is a worldly excuse, like a specific date, to become aware of that Omnipresent Happiness does not mean that it only exists at certain times of the year.

On the flipside to that, do not blame the holidays for any unhappiness.  Again, you are connected to Spirit, therefore connected to unlimited Joy, at all times.  If there is any negative  feeling that you become aware of, that is because of thoughtforms that you have associated with this time of the year….or you are using this time of the year as an excuse to become aware of those thoughtforms.

If you are any sort of student of metaphysics, remember that awareness of Happiness has nothing to do with physical circumstances, manifestations or scenarios.  Be Happy just because that is the nature of Spirit.  You are actually more productive and clear-headed when experiencing positive energies, so that you can deal with real-world situations better and faster.


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