What Does It Mean To Be Powerful?

What does it mean to be a powerful magician? It has nothing to do with mentally amassing a huge collection of correspondence lists or even performing a particular magickal act multiple times.  When we think of someone who performs magick successfully, we are referring to someone who has a high frequency of manifesting their conscious-level desires as closely as possible to what they imagine or state that they want to manifest.

Becoming a more accurate magician is the same as becoming a more accurate manifestor.  The process of physical manifestation depends on how and how much the magician accepts that something is true.  Any act of magick is effective to the degree that it changes the magician’s consciousness to accept something as a concrete fact of their reality.

Being an effective magician is being able to decide that some fact is true–and in the shortest amount of time with the minimum of interference, experiencing that fact as real on the level that that fact belongs to.

Effective magickal practice is a form of psychological therapy or reconditioning–moving around belief; adding and removing conviction in one’s perceptions of what is real to eventually manifest those perceptions as sensory experience.



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