Not A Kin?….You Can Still Run With The Wolves….

  • Why isn’t the Kin Community a free for all, with everyone being accepting of everyone else’s personal stories?

    Because that’s not practical.

    There is one type of Real Kin….those who have had to function with and have an ongoing struggle with species dysmorphia….that need to share very real information about their personal histories and exchange practical information that is relevant to their lives and can possibly make a difference in how they function on a day-by-day basis. There are many members of the Kin Community that have been mistakenly self-identified as Kin, whereas they do not have actual species dysmorphia.

       There are also other Real Kin who do not find the disconnect between the difference in their energy bodies and their physical body. They simply feel the phantom shifts, but accept that their physical body does not reflect the form of their Kin self, in this lifetime. In either case, those who have the life experience of being Kin want to be able to communicate with others who share the same life experiences, as well. Whether intentionally or accidentally, many non-Kin identify as kindred. There are some other factors that new members of the community should consider before they mistakenly self-identify as OtherSouled.

       As far as phantom shifting goes, there are some considerations to keep in mind before classifying one’s self as Kin. Every spiritual being can shift on all non-physical levels. Simply put, this means that all humans can shift, on levels beyond their physical form. Any simple exploration of magick or energy work can show you that all humans are capable of manipulating their energy bodies into other shapes. Simply become aware of the sensation of your aura, the personal energy that extends beyond your physical body. What would it feel like if you had wings on your back….a long, elegant tail….claws that extended past your fingertips…sharp animal teeth? Be aware of which sensations that would accompany such forms.  Energy follows intention….imagination, a little desire….and you can manipulate your personal energy into other non-human shapes.

       Also, as another part of spirit work, we can “borrow” the energy or consciousness of specific animals. Witches were famous for doing both. In light trance or deep meditation, anyone can place their awareness into another animal….such as a pet or a stray cat or even a wild animal, long distance. Working with animal energies, one can bring that consciousness into your present body. This is the concept behind the Berserkers, who would bring the Bear spirit into their bodies before battle. Within light trance, imagine would it would be like to bring in the spirit of a Lion….a Dragon…an Eagle.  What would you be like if that animal spirit came into your consciousness?  How would you feel?  How would your thinking change or be accented with this additional energy?

       Sometimes, the mind constructs a false storyline about being Kin (or Vampire or “natural Witch”….) in order to make up for feeling inadequate in some other way. Sometimes, one just has a need to feel special.  When this happens, one’s mind will falsify memory or imagine experiences to justify feeling different. Low self esteem, the need to belong to a larger group or to otherwise desire to know that one is special might cause one’s mind to create imaginary experiences that one believes is evidence for being Kin. Before disproving any false conclusions, keep in mind that everyone is special…the need for approval from others NEVER satisfies the need for self-approval….and that every human being can learn to phantom shift, astral shift, mental shift without having been born Kin.
       Self-evaluation will help provide the one questioning with a secure foundation in their personal truth. One should ask if one is trying to feel special or part of a group….if being Otherkin would still be okay, if they never shared this aspect of themselves with others. When self-knowledge becomes more important than disclosure to others, then the individual will have an easier time in the world–Kin or non-Kin.


    When trying to find Community in others, ask yourself what it is exactly that you are trying to find….what it is that you are hoping to find or get from others. Be honest, if only to yourself. Be very aware of which negative emotions are prompting you to reach out to others. Those feelings will often reflect in your interactions–neediness will be met with neediness in others and not be satisfied.

    Anyone can still work with Animal Powers in meditation and magick.  Anyone can shapeshift on non-physical levels.  Is group approval as necessary as self-validation?  Before asking, “What kind of Kin am I?”….start with, “Why do I need to be Kin?  What are my other options?”